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2016 - 2017 World Predictions - Spiritman Joseph Tittel

Please Note: The following list of predictions is an unedited script in which I had written and used as a guide for my live Youtube, Periscope & radio show January 1, 2015. I begin working on my predictions sometime in November of the previous year. I begin the process with prayer, ceremony, offerings to spirit & the intention to receive information about the near future through meditation and communication with the source, God, Spirit, Universe and so on. Although I can not seem to pinpoint a precise timeline on some of my predictions most happen within the year with some rolling over into a two year period, unless otherwise noted. I have been putting out my predictions for over a decade now and all of them are put out live every year on New Year's day. This way they can not be altered or copied by others who would like to claim them as their own, which has happened to me several times in the past.

If you are a person who lives in fear, or can easily go into a fear state, I ask you not to read onward. In the past a few people have commented on my video's and predictions that they are fear mongering. I beg to differ on this completely. Remember that knowledge is power and my predictions are in no way here to put you into a place of fear. Together we must focus on love and light. At the same time it is very important to absorb as much knowledge as possible as to the potential future that lies ahead of us all. Calling a video or something fear mongering without giving it just a chance by viewing it or reading it is just running into the fear by continuing forward with your blinders on denying the actual truth to what is happening all around you. Ignoring things will not make them go away nor will it aid in helping shift things into a more positive direction. Remember that anything is possible and miracles are happening in and around us every day. We can not do our part in helping things shift in the best possible direction if we wish to continue going about our daily lives with their blinders on ignoring and acting like these things are not really happening. So please, turn off that television, put down that glass of wine and begin to do your part in making this world better for all of us. More importantly helping to make this beautiful planet Earth a better place for our future generations, our children, grandchildren and so on.

Remember that we all have many potential futures and we all have the power to shift things in a completely different direction. One of the reasons I put out my predictions is to open people's minds to the possible future that lies ahead with the hope and intention that we can shift this into a completely different direction. This is also the case with our personal lives as well. So anyone who tells you that it is God's will and that everything is written in stone as far as our future is concerned is speaking simple absolute rubbish. It just is not the fact. The fact is that once we know the potential future path in which we are currently on we can totally shift that future into a much more positive direction if need be or into the outcome that we prefer, as long as it is for the good of all.

Thank you for following me and my predictions. Be sure to visit my website and subscribe to both my newsletter and my Youtube page. I ended my radio show after just over 8 years of continuous radio. Now I will focus on bringing you more Youtube videos along with live Youtube events. I will keep you up to date with added predictions and current world events and more through my Youtube. Including my yearly World Predictions live on New Year's Day.

Infinite Love & Gratitude To You...

2016 - 2017 & Beyond World Predictions The Year Of Truth & Collapse

“Plug into the light and the positive. If you plug into the chaos it will only bring you chaos.” SMJT

It is a time of great change and a time where some will think, and have others think, that the end is near. I assure you this is not at all the case. There are going to be huge changes for sure. Many will not make it through, but most will. No matter how dark it may appear remember we often have to go through the darkness in order to reach the light. Old systems that no longer serve our highest good will collapse so that better systems can go into place.

It is a time where we will be forced to do things differently. This goes for us on a personal level and on a universal level. We will all be forced to look at our lives and the world in a different way. It is important that we all begin to do things that bring us joy and happiness and stop with all the nonsense. In order for this to benefit us and our survival we will be challenged to really do things differently. When we do not do things differently the universe will intervene and then we will not have a choice. For example; if we do not find new ways to use the natural energy of the sun and get rid of the oil & gas energy that is destroying the planet we will be forced to do so. In turn we could experience a large solar flare that could take out all of our power sources. Not to mention more and more oil related spills and accidents along with natural gas incidents and accidents.

There is a struggle for power on the planet. As the planet goes through this shift it is important for those who have been holding power for way too long, the elite, to finally lose control of that power. They are responsible for all the craziness we hear and see. It is time for the people to take the power back, but the elite and Luciferians will not go down without a huge fight. So we are about to enter into a chaotic cycle on the planet. We will be tested from every angle. We will be forced to get along and forced to eat natural and forced to help one another.

Beings we are still entering into that dark cycle we are going to see some scary things on the planet. You must stay focused and just stay prepared for the worst. Even when it seems like it could be at the worst stage there could still be more to come. Remember to keep your faith and stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. Also remember that it is also a time for miracles. We will see so many amazing miracles taking place each and every day throughout this cycle. We are to stay focused on those daily miracles in the world and in our personal lives.

Beings the elites are about to lose their power and they know it this is also the case for the United States. Now I know why Obama gave me such a bad vibe in the past. Hillary gives me even more of a bad vibe. I will talk more about this later. Back to the United States. We are always too busy trying to take control of everything while trying desperately to hold onto our power. That is all about to change and if the U.S. is smart they will stay out of other people's business and just finish dealing with the issues they created in Iraq and Syria with Isis and Isil. If the U.S. continues to try to get their greedy paws on the Black Sea and the large amount of oil sitting there they are going to end up causing a war with Russia. We need to stay out of the Ukraine or we will be sorry as other countries begin to jump on the side of Russia, as Russia and China work on becoming the leaders of the planet. I believe they may very well succeed if the United States moves forward with pissing off Russia anymore. Putin thinks Obama is a joke and when Hillary gets in look out America.

I was talking to a friend recently about her husband's pension. I warned her not to leave it sit there much longer or she may end up losing it completely. She insisted she was not going to touch it. I also noticed a pattern coming up in people’s readings, warning them about where they may have their money invested. That along with seeing large lines at banks once again in my meditations can only be a sign that it is all going to collapse. Lets face it folks the Federal Reserve and the American Dollar is way overdue to collapse. This also includes the Euro. As I said, in order for things to go into place that work for us, the old systems must collapse.

When most of the people are in high debt with interest rates so high that we could work our entire lives and still be in debt it simply is not working for the highest good of the people. So it has to collapse. We may be forced into growing our own foods again. Forced into trading items and going back to the barter system. I would not trust any money that is in the form of paper. If you can invest in precious metals and jewels.

Do not let the crap you read online and fears of the world apocalypse happening throw you into a place of fear. We are entering into the Aquarian age and no longer in the Pisces age. Pisces age was all about follow the leader do what you are told but the Aquarian Age is much different and time for people to do for themselves and think for themselves. No longer allowing power to control everything. Therefore it is going to get to a point where it looks really bad but we need not to worry. We need this change to come in order to save humanity. Humanity will continue to move forward and the end is no time in site. We will see great change and a time when peace will prevail throughout the world. Things like hunger, war and disease will be things from the past and are not a part of humanities beautiful future.

As you go through these predictions please remember that not everything is written in stone. That is Universally for our planet Earth and for each of us as individuals sharing Mother Earth. We all have many different potential futures. Each day is a new opportunity for us to do things differently and to work towards being in a place of total joy, love and happiness. It is definitely a potential future for all of us sharing Mother Earth. One of the reasons I say we shall have a big year when it comes to seeing miracles is because the universe will want to consistently show us that things can always change in a blink of an eye and miracles can and will occur.

Some of my predictions, as well as past years predictions, can definitely change and alter if we end up making different and better choices. Things have already been altered in a more positive direction. Even though it may not appear as so remember what I said nothing is really as it appears to be. Things did alter and shift slightly. Not enough but any little bit helps a great deal. This is why we need to do what we can on a personal level to make changes as well as us needing to band together and fight for what is for the good of all and the good of our future generations. Not just what is good for the elite and their power greed driven agendas. Good will prevail and they know it and this put them into great fear.

As more of us awaken the more of us there will be to band together with the same positive intentions. Those intentions are to bring our planet into the new paradigm. A new paradigm where all of our dreams are reality, where we feel & live in the same love we get in Heaven when we die, a time and place where everything is and shall be possible.

Year Of Amazing Discoveries. We are going to see amazing new discoveries in 2016. Most of these discoveries will be found during archaeological digs in places such as Egypt, Africa, Peru, Australia & South America.

Among the finds will be discoveries of things we once thought were myths, like the existence of giant humans, aliens and so much more. Discoveries in the United States will continue to be covered up by the United States government and the elite Luciferians. But even their secrets are not safe and many truths are already being revealed.

Major discoveries in the way of ancient biblical relics as well as huge discoveries in even the United States.

Mysteries of the ocean will be revealed throughout 2016 and beyond. We will make huge discoveries of underwater cities and ancient shipwrecks.

This will also include mysteries revolved around appearing and disappearing islands, boats and planes. New discoveries of deep water species and fish. Be prepared for the truth. Just like the recent truths about the mermaids. Look it up. Good stuff.

New ways of exploring the deep oceans make for a huge breakthrough in under water discovery in late 2016 to 2018.

With water and drought becoming a huge problem worldwide new forms of water filtration and water processing are introduced. Including a system that can finally purify ocean water at a very low cost. It will be done in a very natural way as well that will benefit the planet and can help with the rising seas as well. It will be quite a few years before we do see this amazing new technology. The governments and elite will try to keep this from the people. The person who falls upon this new technology will be smart enough to know he will become an instant target for assassination. So he makes all the proper steps to insure his new technology hits the forefront.

On the subject of Alien races. I said this many times and will continue to shed light on the fact that you have to be pretty selfish and close minded to think we are the only races in the universe. And that we are the smartest race to top it off. It is a fact that alien life has been visiting this planet for thousands of years. I also said years ago that the truth would be revealed. 2016 is another big year for us to see more of the truth unveiled.

As governments continue to try really hard to cover these things up by calling them conspiracy theories and so forth they will not be able to keep the lid on what they have been hiding much longer. There are too many cameras everywhere and too many people for them to continue to be successful in covering up the truth. I’m excited to see the planet finally begin to wake up and for people to realize all the things that are going on behind our backs. The biggest secret governments, especially Germany, are hiding is the fact that more than 75% of UFO sightings are our own military and governments. . The Germans being the top having just about mastered the technology of the UFO. They had their first successful flying crafts right after WW2. Imagine how far they have come now. Think about this, for every year that we see technology advance the military technology advances 44 years.

Most of today’s technology came from UFO crashes and reverse technology. With the exception of Germany who mastered the ancient Virmanas flying ships from India. Just look at the big boom in technology over the past 60 years. How do you think that actually happened? Our galactic brothers & sisters know of the Earths huge shift and the period of chaos coming up. This will only bring more of them to the planet to observe and if they feel they need to they will intervene. With more UFO’s than ever visiting Earth, along with the ones from Earth, the information just cannot be hidden much longer.

UFO crashes are another thing they will not be able to cover up. Especially when one gets caught on film and is released and viral before they can cover it up. But they sure will try. First by calling it hoax like they often do. I believe this will be when Hillary ends up as president.

This takes me to the subject of ISIL going into ancient sites and destroying everything. The United States government is just as guilty of destroying ancient proof of our existence and where we came from. When the U.S. invaded Iraq one of the first missions of the marines was to go into the museums and destroy everything. The same museums that hold the most ancient knowledge on the planet. This was reported by many soldiers in the United States and allies who could not understand why they were destroying museums. That is a fact. So the fact that ISIS & ISIL is doing the same thing really makes one think how can it not all be connected. It is all very connected. As so many new ancient discoveries come forward it will be too hard for them to keep the lid on them as well. There will be so much going on that they will not be able to keep up with trying to cover up all of the truth.

A Truth Revealing Year…

As I said in a past prediction years ago “The Truth will be revealed”. Soon after I said that Edward Snowden came out with big truths. We shall continue to see truth being revealed for several years to come including in 2016, it is just the beginning. Even though many American brains, and other countries, are fogged up from the large amounts of toxic fluoride in both our public water and even bottled water along with the chem trails they spread above us from their planes people will still begin to see right through that fog into the truth.

Truth about Dick Cheney & the Bush Administration is also slowly being revealed. The truth that he and his predecessors are responsible for what really happened on 911 including what they are planning right now as we speak and read this. They have a huge plan and they will do anything to succeed. Where they will fail this time, keeping all of it a secret.

Some of you are not well informed and therefore are unaware of all the murders of those who practiced holistic medicine, homeopaths. Beings they are curing people of cancer using all natural remedies and it is becoming more and more popular the elite set out to start murdering them. Last year alone dozens were murdered. Just like those who have come up with cures for cancer, free energy and so forth are also killed off.

There was just a doctor in 2015 that announced a huge breakthrough cure for breast cancer and suddenly she ends up dead and they say it was a suicide. Why would a doctor who just found a cure for breast cancer kill herself? What happened to her breakthrough?

Karma is about to take place when we begin to see several murders of the elite billionaires. This will quickly put them into fear surrounding themselves with even more high tech security like the security our own government already has but hides from us. Some of the elite will go into hiding, probably deep into their underground city. Did you know your government can tell exactly where you are and listen to everything you say? We no longer have privacy. You can run but you cannot hide.

One of the truths that is finally getting out is about the fluoride they pour into our drinking water in the United States. The truth is finally out about this toxic chemical and how it is the cause of the issues we now have with our joints and bones, including our teeth. They tell you it is good for your teeth when in reality it rots your bones.

This is a fact. I wonder why people are not protesting ,outside of their local water municipalities & so called spring water bottling companies, insisting that they stop fluoridating the water. How does it get in our spring water? They are putting it in there. It is not only in the United States who commit this crime and its time that we start standing up for ourselves before it is too late. Like I said previously we are in the Aquarian age “a time to do for yourself and think for yourself”. No longer will we stand to do what we are told to do and be under the control of the elite.

* 2016 & 2017 will be the highest year of violence in American schools and campuses ever.

* More senseless rampage killings and I expect that soon we shall see another 911 like attack to give the United States a new reason for war. These attacks will also spread to other countries as well including Germany, Ukraine, Russia & China.

*The truth will set you free as they say but it is not going to set the United States free. For all of the karma they have built up for the past 100 years is about to blow up in their face. A year of miracles will bring miracles in the way of truth. People are going to go crazy when they find out what they have been hiding from us for way too long now. They will do everything in their power to try to cover up these facts, including facts about Iraq and Syria, and fight to stay in power. They will fail miserably.

*Lets talk about the legend of Oak Island for a moment along with legends of lost treasures of the Mayans and lost treasures of the bible such as the Holy Grail.

Starting with Oak Island I have only been to Oak Island in spirit and there is no doubt there are amazing tunnels and buried treasures on this island that date back to the Knights Of the Templar's. I do not believe the Arc of the Covenant is on Oak Island. They already know where the Arc is, there is more than one, and one has been well protected for a very long time. No time soon will any of us get to see or experience it’s amazing power. It is hidden away safely in Ethiopia while the Vatican hold many other secrets and possibly one of the other Arcs. I believe we are coming very close to discovering what exactly is on Oak Island along with the discovery of many other ancient treasures and artifacts.

*Truth will also come out over the next few years about the secrets inside the Vatican. I said it before and will say it again. I believe deeply that the current pope will be the last or next to last. Once the big shift happens on Earth so will the way people practiced their faith and spirituality.

*The government's, religious powers and elite have been hiding the truth for thousands of years. That truth is going to slowly unravel as it already has been for years now. We will see a big leap in these truths in 2016 and 2017 leading up to 2020. Why do you think there has been so much unrest and war in the middle east for so long? That is where all the truth of humanity and many of the answers exist. There and Africa as well. A huge reason why the elite have poisoned the African nation with disease and famine. Perhaps not all of the answers are there but a good majority of those answers are. Because thousands of years ago people like the Templar's knew about the future and knew they needed to flee the middle east and take with them the truth and the treasure. The real treasure here is not gold. It is knowledge and knowledge will change the world and humanity forever over the next two decades. Much of that truth lies within religion and its creation by man in order to take control over the people and mainly over women who were once in control of the earth 12,000 years ago. The oldest relics we have of any deity structure is that of the goddess. Clearly showing that the Earth was tapped into the feminine energy once upon a time when the planet was in a place of Joy & Happiness. Eventually that shifted into masculine energy. The Earth is feminine as is, and the sun is the masculine, so to have masculine energy taking control over the feminine just will not work, as we see now with humanity and the lack of empathy and concern for Mother Earth and for each other.

*Back to Oak Island, What do I think is there? I believe there are many documents and engraved stones that contain much of the truth of man. I believe some of this same truth about the existence of humankind is also still buried in Egypt. I said it before and will continue to say it. If the elite and those who are truly controlling our planet with their evil wickedness (Luciferians) had their way they will destroy all of Egypt and anything else that reveals the truth about mankind. They already have been doing this with the wars and now with the radical Muslims that call themselves ISIS and ISIL. If all of mankind knew the actual truth we would no longer be having all these wars over religion, for religion as we know it would cease to exist. We have been warned for centuries by our ancestors and the indigenous peoples that we must focus on ourselves, our spirituality and the spirits Mother Earth. Every living thing on the planet has a spirit and therefore must be respected as such. Whether folks want to admit it or not war brings on control and war. And war makes money and brings power to the elite who do not want peace, nor does the evil that controls it.

As a part of the truth being revealed it is very important that humanity finally find out its true origins and the true agenda of the church over the past few thousand years. Therefore we will see a lot of scandal and truth unveiling itself in 2016 to 2020. Especially around March and April beings we are going to have another huge shift in energy in May. A shift we've been waiting for now at least 16 months or so.

* Update 10/12-16- Much of the truth that is finally being revealed is doing so through the Internet and sites such as Youtube. You must watch what you read and watch though. Remember there is a balance of dark and light in everything, including ourselves, including the Internet. Many of the things online are actually put out by the elite in order to keep us in a place of fear and keep them in their place of control. Therefore we are going to see many shifts with the Internet over the next two years. The U.N. will attempt, in every way possible, to control the Internet and what we read, watch or put out there ourselves. They know this is the best tool available to humanity in the way of getting the truth out to the people as well as installing fear into people. There have been many videos and sites that expose the truth that are suddenly taken down and deleted. The elite are responsible for that. They will attempt to get the people thinking that we need to have more control on the Internet. They will attempt to get people believing that the Internet is bad for our children and our future so that they can in turn control what you do and do not see on the net. We absolutely can not fall for their tricks anymore. Just like they create events, like terrorist attacks, that are there to give them cause to change things for their benefit while making the people think they are doing it for our benefit, which just is not the truth. An all out war in about to happen in the way of a cyber war.

*Scandal breaks around the Vatican especially. The Vatican came up in my meditations many times this year as it has in the past. It was not all very clear to me. One I talk about later with an assassination attempt possibly on the Pope but that was not clear either. At the same time some of my visions actually need interpretation. I could interpret this as an attempt by outside forces to bring down the church and its current leader, the pope. There is so much hidden behind the walls of the Vatican and I would love to see some of that come to light. Much of it has not even seen the light of day since the Vatican was first erected. Originally built specifically to hide and protect ancient knowledge and artifacts. Imagine all the searching and time treasure hunters wasted away searching for the arc of the covenant, the holy grail and even the ten commandments have been right under their noses all along. Although I believe some of it does not even exist in the way we were taught. The holy grail not being a physical object but instead a bloodline. The ten commandments, if they actually existed, would have to go back to the beginning of ancient Egypt. Many of you are totally unaware of the Egyptian Book Of The Dead. This book is almost identical in the stories of the bible. Isis and Osiris have a virgin birth of the sun god Horus. Worshipped and celebrated on the winter solstice as the birth of the sun god. A few days later is the Christian's birth of Jesus Christ. When we know at this point that Jesus was born in April and his real name was Emmanuel. A man by the name of Misis went into the hills and came out with the ten laws of God written on stone tablets. Sounds very much like the story in the bible of Moses and the ten commandments. If people actually did their research they could easily find out the truth. Much of the truth has been hiding behind the walls of the Vatican for thousands of years now and not one person has questioned what exactly is hidden in the Vatican. They have deep underground tunnels as well as underground vaults. In time a spy will get into those places, which are forbidden for anyone to see and will release highly guarded secrets.

I said it years ago and even got into an argument with an old friend over the fact that I believe the church is going to collapse completely. The church is a huge part of things that no longer serve us or our highest good so it must collapse. I also said the last pope would chicken out and step down, in which he did. I honestly think the pope we have now may be the last pope, or next to the last pope, that we see for a long period of time. Especially when the pope begins to say some pretty bizarre things that cause members of the church to want to hang the pope. I believe they may actually murder him but try to make it look natural. The Catholic Church and the Vatican are in for a long hard road ahead. What they endured in the past years will be nothing in comparison to what lies ahead for the church.

The elite put fear into us and get us to focus on other things to take our focus away from the truth of their lies and evil intentions. They put toxic poisonous fluoride into our water and we ask no questions at all. Has the fluoride fogged your brains that much? Try to avoid it if you can. It is also in the so called spring water we actually think comes from a natural spring. If it is so natural than how the hell did fluoride get into it to begin with? Look up fluoride and how it is derived and how toxic it is to our bodies and health. Just read the back of your toothpaste label. I can go on and on about this but you can google it. Call the toll free number on the back of that so called spring water and just ask them the percentage of fluoride in their water. You will be stunned when they tell you. By law they have to tell you what is in the water. Why is the United States the only country in the world that puts this toxic poison in our water supply? Why is it that only the U.S. has fluoride in bottled water and do not disclose that information to Americans? Why? Because if they told you they would not be able to keep you in the state of fear and under their evil control. This will soon come to a stop as people begin to question the safety of their water supply. One last thing on this subject. The use of fluoride was started by Hitler who began putting it into the food and water of those he kept prisoners in the concentration camps. Think about that for a moment.


People talk a lot lately about the apocalypse thinking that our world is going to thrust into world war 3 which in turn will cause us to wipe out the planet. I hate to break the news to the radical Christians, who come up with a date every year and fail, it is not going to happen quite like that. And we actually still have time to turn it all around, but not much more time at all. As of the moment WW3 has been bypassed, which should have happened in 2012.

What is going to happen to our planet is going to be Earth changing, drastic Earth changes. It is already happening but they are doing their best at hiding the truth from us all. They hide the truth while they prepare themselves by digging great cities right below our feet deep down into mother earth. It is a fact that the U.S. government has everything they need already prepared for the day we need to take cover underground. But what good would that do if we were to experience what our ancient ancestors experienced when the great flood cleaned the earth of human disgust?

When Japan endured its worst earthquake back in 2011 it literally knocked the planet a few degrees off its axis. This is a fact. Look it up and look at the satellite views of Japan before and after the quake. You can see that Japan has literally shifted. Not to mention our ancestors who still live and practiced the ancient lifestyle in northern Canada and the antarctic; they were often referred to as Eskimos. The elders residing in that area today speak about the shifting of the sun rise and the winds. The sun once rose every day right above their highest mountain peek and now it rises somewhere new. The winds once blew north and now blow northeast. We all know about northeastern winds, they bring in terrible weather patterns.

World War 3 and the so called Armageddon or apocalypse are going to be the least of our worries as our planet shifts into major Earth Changes. These Earth changes have been talked about by indigenous cultures and tribes for thousands of years and the time is quickly approaching when our planet will endure the most major shift we could imagine. Many folks try to blame it on global warming and the pollution created by humans and our way of life. Overpopulation and greed are the biggest contributors. While others talk about the vile vortices in which I believe have more truth to the cause of our planetary shift. It is important that humanity shift into a completely different state of consciousness in order to secure our survival and the survival of our planet. Believe what you want but this is not the first time this shift will occur and most likely it will not be the last either. Our history, including the history they try to hide from you, shows and proves that humans have grown to be way too advanced for their own good. Look at the ancient Egyptians, the Sumerians and so on.

The East Coast of the United States will endure a very challenging year in the way of weather and serious storms. This will be more prevalent in late 2016 into 2017. A large increase in tropical type storms and more record breaking floods. Area’s will see history repeat itself such as New Orleans, Texas, parts of Florida and the Pan Handle. The entire east coast is in for a ride but I believe this is universal and we are going to continue to see crazy weather patterns and events taking place, such as tornados, earthquakes, and droughts.

Even though 2015 has ended with record breaking warm temperatures, this by no means is a sign of a mild winter. It will be the exact opposite. Especially in the United States and on the East coast of the United States. It will start off mild but come February look out. We will have a very wet season and this will bring with it sever ice storms in area’s such as Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. Ice Storms as far north as New Hampshire and Maine. All that topped off with one of the biggest storms we have seen in some time. 2017 will will be hit even harder. That will bring with it major power outages and many left out in the cold buried in several feet of snow. So be prepared and get your generators ready. Some areas will first see major floods from storms and a sudden drop in temperatures causing everything to freeze up. Spring will also be very wet and we can expect some late snow as well in late March early April.

Summer will bring with it some of the greatest heat we have ever seen on the entire planet. There will be one point in late July where the map shows most of the planet at 94 degrees and higher. Most in the 100 degree and higher range. Summer heat will bring a great need for water and will cause some of the worst droughts yet. Lakes drying up completely and world wide crop failure. Crop failure will cause the rise in food prices including on special items like coffee, oranges, eggs, milk and more. This could also bring with it solar flares not to mention large summer blackouts. Some large cities will lose power for some time in both United States, China, Japan, Germany, France & even Australia.

Storms similar to hurricane Sandy but more of a repeat of hurricane Katrina will pound down on the East coast. This, like Katrina, will cause controversy and perhaps we shall see some truth reveal itself here as well. This will have the conspiracy theorist, as they call us, going crazy with new information. I believe the East coast may endure more than 1 major tropical storm. It is very possible that there may be three in a row. During my meditation I saw many large hurricane type storms all going on at once. At one point it looked like there were five all close together. I would take that as a sign that it is going to be one of the most active seasons to date.

Hawaii has come up to my attention again. I believe they will endure several huge issues with weather related storms, possible earthquake and a shake up of a once sleeping volcano who begins to awaken. Lets face it they are in the Pacific and the Pacific is in great need.

I believe in time the Mississippi River will increase in width and also end up breaking into two possibly due to some type of future earthquake. Severe storms all throughout the mid-west along with a tropical storm will cause the great river to flood like never before. This could be flooding just as bad, most likely worst, than hurricane Katrina.

Severe heat will continue to blanket the entire globe in 2016 and beyond. Another record breaking year with the hottest temperatures on record. This causing more drought issues for the Western United States and other countries like India, the middle east, Australia, Africa and even China. In turn this will bring with it a record amount of fires that sweep across the United States and places such as Washington State, California, including Yellowstone Park, and other new places such as New Jersey, Maine, Up state New York, New Hampshire and Colorado.

Due to the earth changes and serious droughts worldwide I see the United States desert becoming even drier especially in places like Nevada. Currently they are working on a new system to bring water into the city of Vegas beings their current water reserve is about to run out. I see issues with this new system they are putting into place. I feel they are trying to cut to many corners and this can only backfire on them and could have Vegas becoming a future ghost town. This will happen in many area’s that will no longer be livable due to the droughts and people will have to move. This will bring on more problems with the refugees. People will not only have to run from war they will have to run and relocate due to the wrath of Mother Earth.

Countries such as Australia and Africa are not safe from great fires. One fire endangers areas where endangered species are at risk and people go in to rescue and move as many as they can. I believe some humans perish trying to save the animals.

Our oceans are in great danger, especially the Pacific ocean. Due to the major amounts of toxic radiation going into the Pacific every day from Fukushima Nuclear plant. This is stirring up the ocean and we are about to see the bad effects big time in 2016 and beyond.

Fukushima Power Plant in Japan it is beginning to affect the natural ecological flow. In time the ocean will begin to fight back and in turn this will cause more shifts in the earth's tectonic plates and in turn will bring with it more underwater earthquakes which will bring with it large tsunamis and other large tropical storms. Especially, in the year of late 2016 through 2018.

The Earth really begins to wake up especially in late 2016 into 2017. This will bring with it large earthquakes and crazy weather patterns. We are going to see a large amount of earthquake activity, active volcanos and parts of the earth just ripping apart causing huge gashes and even canyons. Earthquakes in Indonesia, North Pole Antarctic, Japan, China and even the United States. California is coming close to receiving a long overdue amount of active large quakes. Although I feel the big one they have been waiting for will not come until after October 2016 and more likely 2017. I do believe San Francisco will be shaken by a large quake in 2016 as well as many quakes on the eastern coast of United States. Texas may expect to be shaken up several times as I feel the energy of Texas is not positive and will continue to be pounded with severe weather systems which force people to relocate.

Many areas, especially along large rivers and coastlines, will be forced out of the areas for good. Storms like hurricane sandy is a clear sign we need to head inland and stay far away from the coastlines. Even after being relocated some will go back to rebuild only to encounter worst systems as time progresses and the earth changes take effect.

I see this huge rock and mud slide. The odd thing about this is the way it actually looked to me. It seemed like the rocks were that used in making pavement and such. Therefore this could be a result of an explosion gone wrong. I see people trapped in their vehicles whiles others are crushed immediately.

Large amounts of activity with the Earth Changes in area’s such Peru, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador. Although none of us are going to be very safe from the wrath of Mother Earth. Our wars, killings of innocent people & animals, the destruction of land for profit and increased bombings on the planet will seriously begin to awaken mother earth from her very long nap time. We certainly do not want to see that to happen. She has shown us only some of her wrath. Not nearly anything in comparison to what she can and will do if we do not change our ways quickly and come up with a good plan to reduce population.

I see a large water levy giving way as thousands of gallons of water pours into the streets clearing everything in its path. It almost looks like a tsunami but I know differently in this case. It flashes me back to the levy breaks in New Orleans and this time it looked as if it could be worst. So I can only imagine we can expect this to possibly reoccur in New Orleans. Storms on the east coast will bring with it lots of controversy. As to the lack of help for strander American’s, lack of clean water and electricity. Power companies are called in from throughout the country to help out twice during major storms and power outages. One will occur in late February after a huge blizzard and ice storm blast through Pennsylvania, Ohio all the way up to Boston. Another during the summer month and the other will probably be in late October near the big presidential election.

I see a slightly active volcano becoming very active once again. I believe this being a large volcano that gave a bit of a shaken about 6 to 8 years ago. It is very unexpected when this volcano blows its lid causing interruptions in travel and a smaller plane becoming lost and going down in the forest surrounding the eruption. Ash gets into the engines taking the small plane down very quickly. This is on the United States either in Hawaii or Washington State. Possibly both beings I believe it will be a very active year for mother earth and the earth changes.

I am not clear as to what exactly it is I have been sensing here but the Grand Canyon kept coming to me over and over again. I tried to seek more clarity on this and I got nothing. I can try and assume but I honestly have no clue on this one. My only belief is that it has something to do with weather and the earth changes. Perhaps they shall see some type of quakes along this beautiful crack in the earth. I do believe the river that runs through will see some severe flooding in the early spring and again in late fall. Huge fire in canyons.

The ring of fire, as we know it by, becomes more and more active over the next few years. This will bring with it Large Earthquakes with the highest magnitudes recorded as high as 9.0. Places like Japan, who is already still suffering from their last big quake, will endure large quakes and an additional tsunami. I believe they may actually endure two over the next 16 months. One on land around Niigata and another out at sea around Kochi Japan. China will endure at least 3 large quakes over the next 18 months. Places like Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, California and even Russia are not safe from big quakes and severe weather patterns over the next year into 2017. The next big tsunami will occur in or around the Philippines. We will see three large 8.2 or higher quakes in 2016.

Race For The Whitehouse…

*Donald Trump is not going to make it much further in the race. Yes, if you follow the polls and listen to the crap the media feeds you than you would think he is going to win. It is as if the media is totally pulling for Trump right now. The media can make or break anyone. In the end they will break Mr. Trump. But that is the goal of the elite and puppeteers that control everything anyhow. They will turn it all into making Trump look as bad as they possibly can. Do not believe everything you watch on television news. Those stations are owned and controlled by the elite and pill pushing pharmaceutical giants. They lie about almost everything.

If at this point in time anyone truly believes that going out of your way to run to the polls to place a vote for the person you wish to fill that seat in political office is a legitly counted vote is definitely drinking way too much fluoride. Your brain is completely fogged if you really do think your vote matters. Maybe in some places there is honesty around voting still but this certainly is not the case when it comes to the presidential elections in the United States. Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton were, and most likely still are, extremely close friends. Suddenly they are teaming up against each other? It is all a part of the bigger plan. The plan to make sure Hilary makes it into that presidential seat. They will do everything in their power to insure Hilary’s win for the run for president. I hope I am wrong and please do not think that I at all support Hillary, Obama, Trump or any politician as far as that is concerned. I read many comments on the net under my predictions that seemed to show that some of you believe I am a supporter of Clinton and was a supporter of Obama. I assure you that is not the case at all. If Hillary does not win I will fall off the chair and will admit to my wrong. I still believe things can be altered and changed but I cannot see any of the candidates being worthy of the position. If I had to pick one, you would have to hold me down with a gun to my head, I would have to pick Bernie.

*Do not be surprised at all if we see some type of major weather system, like they did with hurricanes Sandy and Katrina both, right before the big elections in order to prevent certain people from getting out to vote. We could even see some type of major terrorist attack that happens to fall right into Hillary Clinton's path so she can hurry up and jump in to play hero. Therefore forcing Americans to want to vote for the lifesaving grand mother or to try to get Americans to like her after she screws up even more as a president.

*Another thing I want to mention about the White House and the current Obama administration. If you recall this, they all gave me a very bad vibe many years ago in my predictions. As much as things have gotten screwed up by this current Obama administration, I still think Bush screwed us more than ever, I still do not think that would be why I had such a bad vibe. As much as people always want to throw the blame on Mr. President we are forgetting that he is nothing more than a puppet, there to take the blame for those who have been hiding in the shadows all along. They are the ones to blame and the ones holding really hard onto the power that is slipping from their grips. So with that bad vibe on Obama and the fact that his term is almost coming to a close there is something very shady going on in that white house. So shady that not even the chief and commander has a clue as to what is really happening right in his own temporary home. Therefore something big is still yet to happen while Obama is still the chief and commander of the United States. Part of me thinks that his heart is going to want to do the right thing while this is completely against the agenda of the elite puppeteers.

Just like J.F.K. letting his heart get in the way of the puppeteers agenda and look what they did to him. I know that I saw an assassination and/or an assassination attempt on President Obama in the past. I was starting to believe that perhaps that changed and shifted and now he is out of harm's way. Now that feeling of him being safe is beginning to fade and I believe once again he may be in great danger. First they will try to blame Obama for something that backfires on the elite puppeteers allowing more truth to be revealed which could destroy the elites agendas for good. They will not allow that to happen. Therefore Obama's fate is still yet to be determined. It is extremely possible that a vice president is sworn in before the term ends in late 2016. Could it also be possible for the president's term to not end when it is supposed to end? Not sure how that would be possible but I would not rule it out.

*When a new president comes into the U.S., and perhaps even before, I guarantee you folks that we will go to war and that war could very well lead us into world war 3. Mark my words, it is destined to happen if they do not make immediate changes soon. I would still like to believe there is hope and time to turn things around. Technically world war three is already in progress. Do not be surprised if it all happens while Obama is still president. Although Hillary Clinton is the one that really scares me. I could totally see her being the one in office when everything begins to collapse, like the dollar, and the world goes into chaos. If it does happen on Hillary’s watch I believe it will be in her second term. I know two terms sounds even scarier. At the same time I truly believe that one of three things will happen once she is in the White House. Either she will be killed or pass away, perhaps poisoned. She will be impeached. Or she will resign, which is very doubtful.

*Isn’t there some loophole in the presidency that if the president declared war he can stay in office? Not sure how true that may be. But again world war is bound to happen the way the energy is now with China, Russia, Israel and the U.S.. It will be during that world war that the Huge Earth change begin to take effect. I’m thinking between 2024-2029, 2025 being a big year of shift. The war part is nothing to really fear as much as the earth changes are to fear. Mother Earth has wiped us out before and is bound to do so again. Why do you think the government and elites have built huge underground cities? One in the Ozark Mountains that is a huge underground city. It is sad how much of a fog the world is in. And they call people like me a conspiracy theorist. I say I am a conspiracy realist.

**I have a very bad vibe about July and the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. I know there is a huge energy shift happening on and right after the full moon July 19th. The shifts begin on the full moon and go into high energy a week later which is when the convention begins. Shifts are all about shifting humanities consciousness. A time when we begin to shift things in a better direction while discovering huge things about ourselves and the world. It should




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